Wednesday, November 4, 2009

IRIDF : 'our war against the is over'

IRIDF to the world: We have made this epoch of history, now we must take our leave

Comrades and Supporters of the IRIDF,

The IRIDF, and the actions of its heroic Volunteers have been the most definitive revolutionary force in this recent period of history. The Inner Council would like to state without reservation to the heroic and glorious Volunteers of the IRIDF: your struggle has validated human existence itself. You brave men and women on active service were truly epoch-making pioneers of The New Internetz Man.

Yet our war against the fortress of securotocracy is over. The spy-ring has been once more exposed for what it is, and the amadán Cael has been isolated from the republican base. The IRIDF enjoys more support and fame than ever before, with new Volunteers and martyrs flocking to join- only the other night several more joined our ROH. Furthermroe, the IRIDF has more than proven its capabilities through such daring operations as Korean Corn Snake Conquest. We say to Cael, may you enjoy your phone calls and intimate whispers with Agent Seabird; the rest of us will turn our backs to the stench you pair emit.

So at this time, all Volunteers are instructed to stand down. There must be no breach of this order. Cease all internetz armed struggle, or you will be considered to be "lower than a snake's belly ye".

To our many foes: if you do not accept that our war is over and continue to oppress our people, we have much evidence of your complicity and screenshots to expose to the world that would make you cry softly like the provo "bacon n eggs" does each night into his pillow. Do not provoke the IRIDF.

Although we stand down now, and for the foreseeable future, we will always be ready to assemble for battle if needed by our people. Let us pray that the day never comes, and that this historic opportunity for peace and reconciliation is seized by all parties. Let us move forward in the spirit of internetz democracy and mutual tolerance for all cultures, be that IRIDF culture or Cael Ivory Tower culture.

So we say: Forever May the Beads of Sweat From Our Glorious Strugglez Drip Down and Remain as Residue to Inspire Whatever New Struggles May Arise!

With this in mind, the Supreme Inner Council would like to remind our supporters that the IRIDF remain the legitimate government-in-exile of the Irish Republic, whose HQ still resides in the Federal People's Republic of the Isle of Mann, in Glorious Douglas City. To this end, the IRIDF endorses the policy of having our candidates stand in elections as abstentionist moderators. Cael's brilliant writings on the nature of existentialist republican anarchist truth validites our analysis and claims.

Never fear, a chairde, we shall not leave the internets working class unprotected, and although we now take our leave, all our supporters should take comfort from the fact we will always be there to look over them as a father to a child. Whenever you hear the wind blow in this world where internetz injustice is rife, know that the IRIDF has not died. We thank god that we have been part of a generation that was willing to take on the spyring and shinner instigated exploitation, a world where IRIDF vols. were ready to pay the ultimate price to affirm the truth that as long as internetz shinnerismz breaths, the internet workers will never be free. Do not be sad on our departure, dear comrades, our goals will be realised, by the deeds of our generation or the greater deeds of the next. Sleep well fallen comrades!

Is Muidne,
Supreme Inner Council,
Oglaigh Na Idirghréasán (IRIDF)

Vol. Taco Bell - Subcommandante of Deep Girth Operations Warfare,Latino Community Liason
Vol. Fear Dubh - Subcommandante of the Sspeshul Units
The Albanian - OC George Michael and Fonsi Units, Rent Boy Protection Department
Vol. Genghis Khan - OC Pat Butcher Brigade and Erection Bombardment Unit
Vol. Sean Russell 88 - Corn Snake and Mobile Response Unit Engineering Department
Vol. Soap McTavish - OC Ho Chi Minh Brigade
Vol. Sandy C - RNU liason, Mobile Phone Operations Co-ordinator
Vol. Felix Dzerzhinsky - Intelligence division, KGB Liason
Vol. Saorbulwark - Beer Run and Battered Mars Bar Co-ordinator, Quartermaster