Friday, August 20, 2010

Proclamation of the IRIDF

Whereas the IRIDF are the internationally recognised government-in-exile of the Isle of Mann, Ireland and Snowdownia;

Whereas teh ir dot netzi admins of teh are capitalist octopuses;

Whereas the Deckiegate Scandal hath cast a long shadow;

Whereas the SUPREME INNER COUNCIL of the Glorious IRIDF have patiently exhausted every avenue and approach of reconciliation with teh Seabirdites;

Let this proclamation be heard across teh interwebs!
The following demands must be met in full to prevent a breakdown in the historic ir dot nyet peace process:

1. A new subforum exclusively devoted to the achievements and triumphs of Papa Stalin.

2. The full implementation of Éire Nua in Ireland and the Ise of Mann.

2a. The establishent of Athlone as the national capital.

2b. The song 'O Glorious Athlone' be made the national anthem.

3. Seán Russel 88 for admin.

4. New subforum be established for the study of Manx agriculture.

5. An entire section of the forum be devoted to the scientific study of Cael Thought.

6. That all relevant documents and information regarding the shameful Deckiegate Scandal be passed onto the IRIDF.

If these demands are not met in full and good faith, then the Invincible Legions of the IRIDF shall make mine internet arrows drunk with blood.

J Connolly
IRIDF Supreme Inner Council
Douglas City, IoM

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