Monday, May 17, 2010

The War Will Continue Until Lulz Are Achieved

The operations of the IRIDF over the previous year have shown us to be capax infiniti. On our first anniversary we would like to particularly pay tribute the POWs, for it was by the very sacrifice of the 7 that the IRIDF was born. Our inception, amidst a baptism of fire from the Seabird regime, was heralded by a double rainbow somewhere over the Korean sea and while our POWs cotinue to languish on banlists, our resistance has severely enturbulated the administration and their paid hirelings.

One year ago, we issued reasonable and moderate demands to the junta currently in power on which included viz.

1. Freedom for the 7
2. Fresh moderator elections
3. Recognition of the IRIDF through it's own subforum on
4. SeanRussel88 for admin
5. The full implementation of Eire Nua in Ireland and the Isle of Man

Our demands remain constant and should they remain unfulfilled we shall strike down upon thee with great vengeance, for the Lord is our Shepard.

Those brave Volunteers who fought to their banishments with smiles of supreme happiness on their lips embracing the call of duty did well in being banned; they were not born to resign themselves to the hypocritical, wretched life of that forum and they were banned, finally, rather than adapting to a disgraceful and repugnant reality.

These considerations bring to the POW's the manly thoughts that stir their restless minds, that angry uprising against such a repugnantly selfish mediocrity, that desire to set an example by doing something great for Ireland. Each day that passes justifies the reason for their sacrifice.

People know us. We come back.

In homage to the eternal leader of the IRIDF revolution, George Michael, we can only say but one thing - Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman.

Also, the game.

Haile Selassie,
Ho Chi Minh Brigade Sub-Commander, IRIDF Headquarters, Douglas, Federal Republic of the Isle of Mann.