Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Real Sinn Féin is the real Sinn Féin.


Real Sinn Féin is the real Sinn Féin.

An event of apostolic importance occurred and has forced the IRIDF
Supreme Inner Council to issue a statement from their Douglasgrad

To the Irish People and the World: Real Sinn Féin is the Real, True,
Legitimate, Genuine, Continuity-ing Sinn Féin.
“Republican” Sinn Féin no longer deserve to be called republican. They
are in fact, peddlers of false idols. Ergo, the real SF is Real SF.

Once again, the fortress of the Prophetic Shock Minority can call Limerick home; and
truly it is the vanguard of the struggle for the freedom of the Six
Counties stolen by The Sassanach divils. As such, they are the only
legitimate inheritors of the Republic declared at Easter Week. The
other “RSF” might as well go play cricket with the Queen, or sit idly by in Stormont stroking Gerry's radiant mane.

All other Sinn Féin's are imposters, posuers and nation-deniers. Agus
all other “republican” armies are nothing but nationalist militias,
stamped in the womb with Provie DNA. They should be honest with the
public, and so grow identifiable traitor-beards. For Prophet Jorge
Miguel hath written “Ye steadfast men of the shock minority, ye shall
know the traitors by dere beards.”

The attempt to sew confusion both in the prisons and in the wider
Republican community is viewed by us as srs bzns, and will be dealt
with accordingly. Much like those who attempt to sow confusion
regarding the intent of reindeer at Christmastime the record must be
set straight. The recent actions of the Real RSF have validated human existence.

The nationalist militias posing as republicans should join those who
lie to children about reindeer and report to the nearest gulag in the
Isle of Mann immediately. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

And now, will the Real Sinn Féin please stand up?

Tiocfaidh ár Athlone!

For a Free and Anti-Revisionist Isle of Mann!

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