Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soldier of Life


It has come to our attention that the heroic "Soldier of Life" has announced he will take heroic strike action in solidarity with the heroic 7, the comrades who refused to be criminalised by the Provisional junta at the forum.

SOL's heroic actions are all the more heroic for the fact that he is not a member, but merely a sympathiser of the Irish Republican Internet Defence Forces.

This strike will expire in one week.

The partisans of the IRIDF will not rest until our demands are met!

1. Freedom for the 7
2. Fresh moderator elections
3. Recognition of the IRIDF through it's own subforum on
4. SeanRussel88 for admin
5. The full implementation of Eire Nua in Ireland and the Isle of Man

The first demand must be met before representatives of the IRIDF Inner Council can open negotiations with the hated securocrat revisionist Stormont-roaders. The Inner Council of the IRIDF would also like to announce the formation of a government-in-exile, which should now be regarded by all sides as the legitimate government of Ireland. The leadership of the IRIDF is eagerly awaiting international recognition.


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