Sunday, June 14, 2009

IRIDF Blow to the system

Comrades from around the globe, Tonight we have struck a fatal blow to the Provisional movements online structure. A message has been sent to the Provisional Junta, a Message that says WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN.

On the 15th June 2009, a day which will live in infamy, Two bands of Heroic Volunteers from the George Michael Cumman, La Cheile Saor (Marxist-Leninist Contingent) And the Gallant Ho Chi Minh Brigade set out to attack one of the many arms of the Provie-Junta.

The target: Ogra Shinn Fein.

Ogra has been a thorn in the side of real Republican Revolutionaries for many a years now, But tonight Comrades, we have shown them that the Real Revolution does not come from painting post boxes green, or from circle jerking, No! but from Revolutionary actions in Revolutionary times!

An amazing scene is unfolding Comrades, the Provos are failing and our inevitable Victory looms ever closer, many of us have fallen and entered the eternal realm of Internetz-Martyrdom and there will be many more to go yet, but as we march forward we must remember them!

Tonight's actions were in the name of Freedom, in the name of Democracy, and yes, in the names of our fallen Comrades. Vol. Cummanach, Vol. Bulwark, Vol. Sean Russel 88, Vol. RachelRebel.

This was our first major Offensive since the Legendary Epic thread Assault, but it certainly is not the last Comrades!

The Ogra Shinn Fein Facebook page is now under IRIDF IC Control, and its 500 members now take Orders from the Organisation.

IRIDF Abu!!!!

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