Thursday, December 2, 2010

IR Dot Net Refuegee Crisis

The IRIDF Will Not Ignore the Ir dot Net Refugee Crisis

The trickle of refugees fleeing from the persecution of the ir dot net shinnerism apparatus hath become a tidal wave. And the invincible ASUs of the Irish Republican Internet Defence Forces hath become ready.

Hitting out at the extreme cruelty of the shinner dictatorship, IRIDF SUPREME INNER COUNCIL spokesperson Cyrill "Spuds" Connolly O'Neil was quoted by the world media, saying: "Do these capitalist octopuses truly believe they can endure another Korean Korn Snake Conquest? It is a scientific fact that the goodness of the IRIDF repels evil. That includes the evil that is lower than a snake's belly."

He continued, saying: "They will not withstand us. God loveth those who are just. (Quran 60:8) If they desire in their black hearts to save their necks from our invisible agus invincible legions, we say to them: open your doors to an IRIDF negotiating team. They will come in and restructure your administration so that is sustainable, and the refugee crisis might end. Until you do so you will give the IRIDF a reason to carry out their liberation campaign."

He concluded by saying that all IRIDF operators and glorious Volunteers should be on stand-by until further notice.

J Connolly
IRIDF Media Dept
Douglasgrad, I of M