Tuesday, October 26, 2010

IRIDF Corporate Tax Rate Policy


A spokesman for the Irish Republican Internet Defence Forces wished to make the position of the IRIDF's Inner Council regarding Ireland's corporate tax rate known publicly.

Commandante Jorge Miguel said: "We would like to commend the 32 County Sovreignty Movement on their fine statement condemning the vile trade unions and we concur. Ireland's corporate tax rate is outrageous. British and American companies need their well-earned pay far more than the lazy Irish people."

Continuing, he said, "The Irish people are sheeple who lack the Triumph of Will. We second the 32csm's call for the workers movement to be silenced. Much like pizza delivery boys, they are slippery bastards, disgusting traitors who lack sufficient love of the Fatherland."

Miguel concluded with a warning: "The cause of Ireland is the cause of safe investments for British firms in Ireland. The enemies of these firms investing safely are the enemies of Ireland, and so are the enemies of the Isle of Mann, which also makes them enemies of the IRIDF. Silence, you ungrateful workers, know your place, and think of your poor bosses!"

"It's about time a republican organisation promoted neo-liberalism, the legacy of US President Bush. Some deluded sell-out socialist free stater traitor amadáns foolishly believe that national liberation has something to do with social justice and improving living standards, or meaningful control over a nation's destiny. Nothing could be further from the truth. National liberation means shooting imperialists once every fifteen years or so."


J Connolly
Supreme Inner Council
Irish Republican Internet Defence Forces
Douglas City, IoM

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