Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Dictatorship of the IRIDF

The Dictatorship of the IRIDF

The sole form of power for the IRIDF is not a Republican majority on a forum's administrative staff, but the political autocracy of the IRIDF, its dictatorship.

The dictatorship is necessary because it is a case, not of partial changes, but of the very existence of Shinnerism.

Do any of us argue the equivalent- that the IRIDF can achieve its goals without overthrowing the Provo Spy Ring Known as

Seabird repudiates the dictatorship of the IRIDF at the very outset, as the ‘tyranny of the minority over the majority’. That is, she discerns in the revolutionary regime of the IRIDF the very features by which the honest e-revolutionaries of all countries invariably describe the dictatorship of the securocrats, albeit masked by names and images of Republicanism.

While the theoretical possibility has not been realized, the IRIDF minority must submit to the Kautskyite majority.

If the majority elected on the basis of universal suffrage on IFN pass draconian legislation against posters, or if the executive elected by the will of a formal majority on hacks posters computers, have the IFN and posters the ‘right’ of protest by organizing a spam blitzkrieg? Obviously, no.

Who aims at the end cannot reject the means. The struggle must be carried on with such intensity as actually to guarantee the supremacy of the IRIDF. If the e-revolution requires a dictatorship – ‘the sole form in which the IRIDF can achieve control of teh internetz’- it follows that the dictatorship must be guaranteed at all cost.

But in order to establish and consolidate the dictatorship, one has to prevent the Kautskyites from undermining the e-power of the IRIDF.

It is only possible to safeguard the supremacy of the online republican working class by forcing the Kautskyites accustomed to rule to realize that it is too dangerous an undertaking for it to revolt against the dictatorship of the IRIDF, to undermine it by conspiracies, sabotage, banishments, or the calling-in of foreign admins. The Shinners, hurled from power, must be forced to obey.

Every administrator has long ago acquired the simple truth that it is easier to hang an IRIDF oglach to the branch of a tree than to convert him with a post of Seabird's.

The administration cannot be convinced or shamed, but only terrorized or crushed.

The man who repudiates terrorism in principle – i.e., repudiates measures of suppression and intimidation towards determines and armed counter-revolution – must reject all ideas of the political supremacy of the IRIDF and its revolutionary dictatorship. The man who repudiates the dictatorship of the IRIDF repudiates the socialist revolution, and digs the grave of socialism.

The clear threat to the transitional state comes from the Swiss. For the survival of the IRIDF dictatorship, the Swiss nation must be abolished, its apparatus dismantled.

Once the IRIDF dictatorship extends its grip across the world, wikipedia will be resigned to the dustbin of history.

Down with the Swiss! Destroy Wikipedia!

Vol. Sean Russel 88
Inner Council
Irish Republican Internet Defence Forces

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