Saturday, October 24, 2009

Statement to the Enemies of the IRIDF

The IRIDF Supreme Inner Council has become aware of death threat made against IRIDF Volunteer Bulwark from Newry ‘Tomb Raider’ Republican.

As such, we have been forced to respond with a declaration of internets warfare. Following our recent security breach on in which we attained the profile information, email addresses and IP addresses of all users we will make 10 of these public daily as we see fit until our just demands are met unconditionally.

These demands are as follows:

The release of all IRIDF POWs

The immediate banning of Newry Republican

An anti-revisionist Isle of Mann

An end to the entrapment of George Michael

Our own sub-forum in the RSF section

An enquiry into the assassination of JFK

Our enemies –

Newry Republican’s MSN -

Claymore’s MSN -

Cael’s MSN -


J. Christ Connolly

Supreme Inner Council

Director of Operations

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