Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vox Returns: Heroic IRIDF Vol's spark general strike; brought down during uprising!

Vox Returns: Heroic IRIDF Vol's spark general strike; brought down during uprising!

Tonight Active Service Units of the IRIDF's Korean and elite Fonzi Forward Units seized control of This act of liberation sparked off a general strike and uprising, which brought down the hated regime for a time.

There was some confusion, as some dickholes attributed these daring attacks and successive deep operation manoueveres to "cvnts from ifn I betcha. elle and her crowd of insane bitches." Comrades, nothing could be further from the truth, and the IRIDF claim full responsiblity for these actions.

The brilliant attacks by the IRIDF did not go without sustaining casualties. After a brilliant return from exile, Comrade Vox Populi was once again martyred, along with SR88, saorbulwark, bulwark and a provo traitor who shall not be named known as IrishVolunteer 1916.

Fortunately, senior IRIDF field commander and whiney Derry businessman Foyleview, was not identified as an spy, and he remains in place to do our bidding.

Senior representive Cael O'Bradaigh has condemned "anti-Mann" partisans" He later recommended, "Stalinist direct democracy to combat dissident trolls".

Comrade Kim of the DPRK praised the IRIDF operations as "not too bad at all." These operations were in pursuit of a specific strategy, testing capabilities for further Korean warfare operations capabilities.

Comrades, the Inner Council would like to remind everyone that this was merely a test of our capabilities. These operations in pursuit of a specific strategy were only the warm-up for our real assault. We have shown that we are capable of overthrowing any internetz regime, and next time we will not be betrayed by the Fifth Column.


IRIDF Inner Council/Government of the Republic in Exile

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