Saturday, October 24, 2009

Regarding quislings and IRIDF deniers

It has come to the attention of the supreme council of the IRIDF that a user claiming to be associated with the IRIDF has made despicable comments regarding the hunger-strikers 0f 1981. After a thorough internal investigation we have found none of our members to be this user but having made our own research into the matter we can today establish some details about this person:

E-mail -
Name - Patrick Moore
Age - 24

We hope that this information is useful to all concerned republicans and rest assured that the IRIDF is conducting its own operations regarding this issue.

In light of this recent event, several other issues have been raised.

A member of by the username of Cael has recently made the claim that we do not in fact, exist. Obviously we would deny this allegation but any other debate in the matter would indeed lead to existentialist breakdown. Various sources within our organisation have also informed us of Caels activities on other forums many of which are very dubious and would bring his "republican" credentials into question, his love of human faeces is well documented and he has been banned from other forums for this fetish. Cael is a sad indictment of the sort of "e-republican" who abuses position as a moderator and there has already been rumours in moderator circles and amongst normal users of the forum that this person is incapable of handing out judgement fairly or wisely. This "Republican" - Anarchist/Stalinist needs to assess his own situation before making baseless attacks about the popular resistance movement and government of Ireland in exile.

The IRIDF has several questions for the users of

Why are some users banned without explanation and without warning?

Why is the IRIDF prevented from encouraging debate within the republican community?

Why do entrapment laws prevent George Micheal from uttering careless whispers?

Why have we not had fresh mod elections?

The IRIDF has already established itself as the legitmate goverment of Ireland and of the Isle of Mann and has a right for these questions to be answered.

We would also like to confirm that we took part in the attacks recently and we now have information regarding every single registered user of and we shall use this information as we see fit, in response to how the management of that website deals with the IRIDF. The regular republicans do not need to worry but we cannot promise safety or fairness when it comes to the information we have on unelected careerists and sell-out criminals.

The IRIDF would also like to thank all sleeper units who have helped us acquire this information and provide us with regular updates on the activities of suspicious users.

We have been handed the mantle from St.Patrick himself and yes, the snakes will be driven out into the sea. We are committed to the total destruction of internet shinnerism and we will not allow people to trick and coerce the the working class - wherever they may do this.

The IRIDF would like to quote Vol. Kris Kristofferson:

Like a bird on the wire
Like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free.

We feel that this short poetic stanza sums up this statement and by extension; the plight of the working class of Ireland.

J Connolly
Director of Operations
For an Independant Anti revisionist Isle of Mann.
Supreme Inner Council
3rd Dail Eireann

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