Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IRIDF: We Haven't Gone Away You Know



The Supreme Inner Council of the Irish Republican Internet Defence Forces, affiliated Brigadiers, IRIDF groupies and ASU's are pleased to announce that after a period of clandestine operations, a beachhead has been established at the hated ir.net fortress of securocratocracy.

While simultaneously continuing operations aimed at indoctrination and sabotage, our ASUs have mobilised at teh internets rallying point for a breakthrough. Comrades, make no mistake, IRIDF Volunteers are poised to extend and consolidate their grip on teh internets. Already controlling 17.4% of all internets activities through IRIDF underground apparatus and affiliated stuff, the Volunteers aim to take complete control by such means as a general strike and Corn Snake conquest maneuvers.

The resurgence of Jaredite deviationism will not be tolerated, and we call on Jared to disband his new organisation, or the IRIDF will do it for him. Only recently the Jaredites were routed from the SPI forum by our Mobile Response Unit. Our Mobile Response Unitz are once again fueled and operational

The IRIDF would also like to place on record our support for "Peter Pan" Cael's bid to launch an independent inquiry into the JFK assassination. No less in importance, the Supreme Inner Council also backs Cael's campaign to dismantle the Swiss nation-state.

Also, the IRIDF re-extend their offer to meet with Hillary Clinton and discuss any proposals.

For an Anti-Revisionist Isle of Man,
Inner Council
Irish Republican Internet Defence Forces

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