Saturday, October 24, 2009

Operation Korean Corn Snake: A lesson in Internetz Warfare

Operation Korean Corn Snake: A lesson in Internetz Warfare
(Brave IRIDF Vol's send a msg of greeting to all POWs)

The Glorious Supreme Inner Council of the Glorious IRIDF would like to announce the unmitigated success of the recent actions of its brave volunteers, codenamed Operation Corn Snake. As promised, our beachhead established by IRIDF First Battalion at was extended, culminating in the decisive establishment of an IRIDF subforum within the RSF forum. This operation is now complete and the volunteers of the IRIDF's Korean and elite Fonzi Forward Units have now returned and completed their debriefing period. Transport was found by the Vols. to be both 'comfortable and enjoyable' in our recently acquired mobile unit.

Pic One of IRIDF subforum:

Pic Two of IRIDF subforum:

Pic Three:

The IRIDF's rear actions of course established sleeper agents, who may proudly unfurl the IRIDF banner upon the spyring whenever it pleaseth them to do so. Let us be clear on this point: the IRIDF is here to stay, comrades. To anyone that may complain or whine like babies about our actions, our reply is only: "Vae Victis".

One of the major reasons our volunteers were so successful is because of the strong training process pre-op. All Vols. had read the glorious writings of spiritual IRIDF leader Cael "Peter Pan" O'Bradaigh entitled: 'Republican Anarchism' at least 3 times. It was a long and arduous process, akin to climbing a hill while suffering the sweet glory of holy lashes several times, but the results are there for all to be seen.

Now, our capabilities cannot be questioned. We have proven that out internetsz skillz are unmatched by anyone else, and this is just the beginning as our vols. seep into like our glorious leader Josef Stalin poured orange mi wadi into a celebratory glass of vodka and counter-revolutionary juiced remainz. We remain steadfast in our dedication to combating our enemy, namely, the evils of internets shinnerism and all other repressive internets institutionz that serve to oppress the internet working class.

To our volunteers,supporters and glorious martyrs, we have a message. As long as the sun rises and until the sea bursts its bounds, the IRIDF will be around, and possibly for several years after that. To our enemies, we also have a message. The internets is a dangerous place for you, we have clearly shown that as Operation Cornsnake uncoiled before our very eyes to eat the squirmy rodent of revisionism. This is just the start as we continue to grow in numbers and strength. The death of reformist internet activity is near. Whenever you are on the internet and you hear a strange noise, that's the IRIDF. Whenever your hair stands up on the back of your neck, that's the IRIDF. Whenever you wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself screaming, that's the IRIDF. By the name of Athlone we swear that our internetz buzinesz will be taken care of. Victory to the IRIDF!

For a free and anti-revisionist isle of Mann!!!

IRIDF Inner Council

message broadcast on Ir dot net:

Guns of the IRIDF used in Operation Cornsnake:

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