Sunday, October 25, 2009

Statement from Sean Russel 88

To My Comrades, Friends and Enemies,

My name is Sean Russel 88, I am a member of the Supreme Inner Council of the Irish Republican Internet Defence Forces. I am writing to you from our headquarters here in Douglas.

It has come to our attention that has instituted a "zero-tolerance" policy towards IRIDF activists. Akin to the shoot-to-kill policy of the 80's and internment of the 70's, this unprovoked attack on fellow Republicans has been spearheaded by Provie Junta leader Cael MP. This so-called "Stalinist" advocate of direct democracy once espoused the Republican Anarchist values that we all hold dear, but he is now working for the Devil.

The IRIDF has already spoken with Comrade Kim of the DPRK and He has freed up a space for Cael in the Kyo-hwa-so No. 1 labour camp, which is located just outside of Pyonyang, the Spiritual Capital of all Koreans. I urge all Irish and Manxmen to pray for Cael during his rehabilitation and adjustment to Korean culture.

Just as the Men of '16 were spat on in the streets, we of the IRIDF have been exposed to abuse by the very people we are fighting for. The sections of the Irish Republican and Anti-Revisionist Manx masses who have not yet been convinced of the legitimacy of the IRIDF are merely on their Road to Damascus. Just as Christ Jesus appeared to IRIDF founder St. Paul, so will the glorious light of the IRIDF and the 3rd Dail Eireann appear to every Republican.

Make no mistake comrades, we are firmly established on We will do exactly the same thing, again.

"We love Him because He first loved us."

1 John 4:9-10

Sean Russel 88
Inner Council
3rd Dail Eireann
Irish Republican Internet Defence Forces

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